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The Tactica concealed carry corset holster is made of a wonderful blend of polyester, cotton, and elastane, giving you a material so comfortable that you might not even feel it as you wear it. Ambidextrous holster pockets allow you to draw your pistol with either your right or your left hand, and there’s an extra holster pocket in which you can carry a spare magazine.
Along with your comfort, your safety is our top priority at Tactica. That’s why we designed our corset with a very strong layer of TPE polymer sewn in. You can try and look for this anywhere else, but you won’t find it – Tactica is proud to announce that our corset is the only holster on the market with this feature. Our built-in polymer–lined holster provides proper trigger guard protection in the corset, allowing you to feel safe and confident as you tuck your firearm into the holster.
A quality corset holster should allow you to dress stylishly as you conceal carry a small– to medium-sized firearm. Tactica gives you these options, letting you wear it under tops that are looser but still flattering. Pair it with our concealed carry tops for the ultimate concealed carry experience.


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