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The Hip Hugger® Elite™ is the gold standard of on body compression holsters. A refined design with maximum versatility and comfort. Carry your gun and gear in a comfortable deep conceal platform with the highest quality in the marketplace. Choose USA made for the best concealed carry experience. Check out our Sizing Guide to determine what size is right for you!

*SMALL sizes have less elastic to work with and will NOT accommodate a smart phone in the extra pockets.

5″ high quality elastic holds guns firmly in place and comfortably trims hips.
Double-edged with silicone non-slip Tacti-Grip to prevent slipping.
Holstering Tabs for safe, easy, no-look weapon holstering.
Metal Hook & Eye closure for a secure, adjustable fit.
Right side for holsters, left side for versatile zipper pocket, velcro pocket and key FOB.
Front holster uses strong rare earth magnets to aid in retention while sitting and standing.
Designed for right hand draw in both front and back holsters.
Holster positions gun with trigger guard covered.


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